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My email: misza-pawlowski@wp.pl

by misza-pawlwoski


I decided to sell my works directly through pay pal.
If you want to buy something - write me.

How does it look?

You send me a note with the name of the work you would like to buy. If we make a deal and everything is OK, I will send you an email to which you send me the money or you give me your’d demanded payment from you (ALL THROUGH PAY PAL). If the transaction is successful, I will send you by email a JPG file with the work.

Why this way?

Because better print yourself - Cheap.


I sell a copy of the work and not copyright (If you would like to buy the rights of the author - is it possible to agreement - the price will obvi

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» Coldrealm by Misza Pawlowski

My cover for the band: Coldrealm

» Shining by Misza Pawlowski

My cover for the band: SHINING

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» Self-promotion and something about selling

by misza-pawlwoski

Hello everyone !

If you want buy some of my works, please visit me on society6 - http://society6.com/miszapawlowski

If you want help me, please put my society6 on your facebook wall.

Thanks you all for everything

:beer: :beer: :beer:

PS: sometimes there will be more of my work

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